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  • Award Winning Tri-State Photographer of the Year!
  • Wedding photographer of the Year 2018- Kentucky
  • Samantha Blondell is an award winning tai-state photographer of the year with a fun, fresh, and timeless style.
  • Lifetime photography by Samantha specializes in unique custom photography for newborns, babies, children, teens, seniors, families, maternity, engagements, bridals, and weddings.

21 years in business Samantha delivers an upsacle and fun experience not found anywhere else.

You may choose rich color , modern trendy effects or classic Black and White. Your portraits will be cherished for a lifetime. Please call 606-248-5608 or email to schedule a session!


The most common question I get is "What should we wear?" and my answer is to keep it simple. I often suggest that the little ones under one year be in a diaper or their birthday suit. Toddlers usually don't like to many clothing changes so I suggest bringing something classic like a denium dress or overalls, even jeans and a bare chest for the little guys creates a classic look. For the adults I usually suggest jeans and a dark shirt, especially if we are photographing a newborn, Mom and Dad will be used as props to hold the baby. The goal of my images it to focus on the subject and not the clothing which is why simple clothing works best. I often suggest to bring some fun things for your little one like hats, bright clothing, etc and if your child is up for it we will try to capture some fun images.